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  • Corporate SMTP Ser  v.ver 5.61Corporate SMTP Server is a high-performance SMTP server program that can be used by corporations and Internet Service Providers where having an ultra fast and reliable outgoing mail server is a necessity. It can be used along with virtually any ...
  • BigAnt Office Instant Messaging Server  v.2.82BigAnt corporate messaging server for business communication.
  • BulletProof FTP Server  v. Server is a powerful FTP Server for business, corporate or even home use. Both easy to use through a fully graphical control method and powerful with control over everything!
  • E-Mail Server  v.3.02Robust and secure SMTP/POP3 server. Easy to set up and very intuitive to use. Lots of security and anti spam features. Multiple SMTP gateways for messages that cannot be delivered directly. Mass mailing with sophisticated macro substitution.
  • BigAnt Corporate IM  v.2.38BigAnt Corporate IM is specially designed for office communication.
  • OfficeIRC Server  v.2.3Corporate IRC Chat Server that allows a business to run their own public chat service or internal Instant Messaging (IM) system. Colleagues can send messages or files to each other within the office, at home or geographically separate sites.
  • Advanced Reliable Password Manager for Microsoft SQL Server  v.1.3Advanced Reliable Password Manager for Microsoft SQL Server 1.3 brings users the convenience of using an efficient software which allows secure storage of sensitive personal and corporate information in a Microsoft SQL Server database.The application ...
  • MailDetective for Exchange ServerMailDetective for Exchange Server is an efficient as well as ideal monitoring application designed to effectively control email use in the corporate network.It is a great solution against frivolous employees who undermine corporate discipline and ...
  • Password Manager for SQL Server  v.1.2Advanced Reliable Password Manager for SQL Server allows secure storage of sensitive personal and corporate information in a Microsoft SQL Server database. The application allows multiple users to maintain one or more username / password protected ...
  • Big Ant corporate Lan Messenger  v.2.82Big Ant corporate Lan Messenger using Client/Server architecture. The Big Ant Server Console has the Active Directory Import Wizard that allows you to import user accounts from the Active Directory (LDAP) catalog by Organizational Units or/and Groups ...
  • AM Corporate IM  v.6.0We provide powerful and easy to use LAN messenger for your office communication needs. AM corporate im is very straightforward and requires no special training. It is ready to be used right after installation is completed.AM server guards against ...
  • Email Delivery Server  v.5.6Simple to setup, easy to manage, this server will help you send your emails directly. Deliver email bypassing ISPs and their limits. All you need is a static IP address. Lift all the limits created by ISPs and send email messages yourself. This ...
  • Advanced Rel Password Manager SQL Server  v.1.6Allows encryption and storage of sensitive personal and corporate information in a Microsoft SQL Server database for one or more users. The application allows each user to maintain one or more username / password protected accounts.
  • Absolute Time Server  v.8.2ATS is a full-featured time server, which works as windows service and is fully RFC-868 and RFC-2030 compatible. Absolute Time Server acts as a background process, has very low system resources consumption, and it can be started before user logon.
  • CustomChat Server  v.1.5The CustomChat Server is for novices and advanced programmers. Use the Room Creator to design and create a totally customized conference area with multiple chat rooms. It requires only a browser for an Administrator to manage chat rooms.
  • Mail Access Monitor for MS Exchange Server  v.3.9Mail Access Monitor is a simple tool that analyses mail server logs and shows how much traffic is being used by e-mail, who sends and receives most messages, where the messages are being send to and if e-mail abuse takes place in your office.
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